Deana Simpson is a registered nurse and has had first hand experience with Familial Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD). Deana’s mother died of Familial CJD at the age of 64. See ‘Our Story’ for more details surrounding her mother’s illness and subsequent death.

Deana’s purpose in establishing this web site is to provide support to other families afflicted with Familial CJD. Whether you have had a loved one die of Familial CJD or are currently watching a loved one die with this illness, Deana wants to provide you with the information and resources you may need in order to deal with the realities of this horrible disease. This disease can leave you feeling helpless and alone — be assured that you are not alone.  

Dr. Paul Brown is a graduate of Harvard College and the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and obtained most of his training in internal medicine on the Osler Service of the Johns Hopkins Hospital. He is a Board Certified Internist, and a career neuroscientist in the Laboratory of Central Nervous System Studies at the National Institutes of Health, where he holds the position of Senior Research Scientist. He also serves as expert consultant to several TSE advisory committes in Europe and the Americas. His role in this web site will be to provide accurate and current information regarding familial and other forms of TSE.