My ‘calling’ to help other families afflicted with CJD was confirmed when I received a call in November of 1999 from Jeni.  Jeni’s father was ill and all indications were pointing toward CJD.  I was all too familiar with the fear that Jeni was experiencing but I knew I had to be honest with her.  I provided Jeni and her family with information that I had regarding the CJD disease process and put them in contact with Dr. Paul Brown.  

Unfortunately, the findings were not what the family was hoping for.  Joseph Schnieders was diagnosed with CJD and subsequently died from CJD on March 29, 2000 at the young age of 53.

The ‘Joseph Schnieders Foundation to Support CJD Research’ was founded by a dear friend of the Schnieders’s family, Robert Myer.  Robert’s generous spirit, selflessness, and devotion to his friend has touched more lives then he will ever know.  He is truly an ‘Angel’ from heaven with a ‘can do’ spirit that is an inspiration to all who know him.

The Joseph Schnieders Foundation held their first annual Golf Tournament/Benefit in August of 2000.  The event was a resounding success and raised $36,000 for CJD Research.  The following is a description of the Foundation’s charter.  If you would like more information about the Foundation and/or their upcoming benefit, please contact the Foundation at the e-mail address given below.

The Joseph Schnieders Foundation to Support CJD Research

The Joseph Schnieders Foundation to Support CJD Research is a publicly supported non-profit corporation chartered by the State of Texas, incorporated on March 29, 2000.  

Internal Revenue Service 501(c)(3) tax exempt status has been granted as well as state tax exempt status.  The corporation has three directors incorporating family and friends of Joseph Schnieders who died from CJD on March29, 2000.

The Foundation’s chartered purpose is to raise money via conducting golf tournaments and golf related events plus public contributions.  The funds are dispersed to research organizations actively engaged in trying to find/develop a treatment/cure for Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD).

The recipients of Foundation funds are required by Foundation charter to be 501(c)(1) or 501(c)(3) organizations.  The Schnieders family will determine which organizations will receive Foundation funds.  The Foundation’s charter stipulates that funds SHALL be spent on PURE research, not travel, meals, lodging, etc..  An audit of expenditures will be part of the contract.

Per IRS regulations, information about the Foundation is available to the public upon request (future plans are to provide Foundation information via the internet)

If you wish to donate to this cause, please write a check or money order to: The Joseph Schnieders Foundation.

Donations can be sent to:

The Joseph Schnieders Foundation 
to Support CJD Research
16727 Manningtree Lane
Spring, Texas  77379

Inquires about the Foundation can be sent to the above address or contact Robert Myer via email at [email protected]

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